Principal's Message

Redwood Shores Elementary School is a vibrant and dynamic community, and I am honored to be the Principal. Everyday, Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten, and K-5th grade students come together to fill the classrooms and the campus with laughter, discussion, and critical thinking. Cooperative group work, engaging lessons, and interactive activities allow children to think, grow, and develop.

Redwood Shores Elementary community members are committed to creating a positive school for children. Teachers and staff carefully serve ALL of the students in their classes. Whether it be through Writer’s Workshop or math problem solving lessons, teachers engage students to work hard and take risks. Parent volunteers also contribute to the school with exciting enrichment programs and activities both during and after school. And, organizations such as the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and School Force greatly assist our community in being able to provide critical resources that directly help the students.

I am grateful for the tremendous support and participation of Redwood Shoes Elementary community members, and most importantly I appreciate the students for their ongoing commitment to learn and to maintain a positive, respectful, and safe school!

- Karrie Amsler, Principal

Principal's Messages:

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