Arrival & Dismissal

Kindergarten Arrival:

Students arrive to campus at about 8:25am. Students line up in front of their classroom and are asked not play on the structure. The day begins promptly at 8:30am. Parents say goodbye to their Kindergarten children in the line.


Students arrive to campus between 8:15 and 8:20am.

At 8:20am, the start of school bell will ring and students will be welcomed in their classrooms.

Kindergarten Dismissal:

Parents are asked to wait outside the Kindergarten gates. The school day ends at 1:30pm. Children will be dismissed one at a time as teachers locate the designated pick-up person.


Families are asked to wait outside the school gates so classes can use the blacktop. When the bell rings at 2:30pm, children will come to the gates by the blacktop for pick-up. Please proceed off campus quickly to allow classes still in session to use the campus. If you have an older child, please wait for them off campus.


At the 2:55pm bell, children will walk to the blacktop gates. Please proceed off campus to allow our partners including Footsteps to use the space they lease on campus.


Drop off to valet only and designated gate areas only.

Wear seat belts, helmets, and other safety gear.

Walk scooters and bikes on campus. Secure them on bike racks.

Cross in crosswalks and follow crossing guard directions..